Sega Genesis remix of Snake Man’s theme from Mega Man 3.

A remix of “Drivin’ Through on Max” from F-Zero X.

Remix of “Port Town” from F-Zero.

Perturbator’s remix of Castlevania III's “Clockwork,” as featured in yesterday’s article on ten Castlevania remixes.

Orchestral remix of Marble Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Street Fighter metal medley by VikingGuitar.

"Those Who Fight ~ Fanfare" from the Final Fantasy VII Chips chiptune remix album.

Fire Drill (Ground Man vs. Heat Man) Mega Man remix by geckoyamori.

Castlevania - Battle of the Holy (Hard Rock Remix) by M&K Company.

Katamari on the Swing - Sexy-Synthesiser All About Namco Mix.
If my mobile phone wasn’t about a thousand years old and could do such things, this would be my ringtone.