"Ami" from the Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collection.

Nobuo Uematsu - Clash on the Big Bridge
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"Clash on the Big Bridge" || Final Fantasy V OSV

In fact, let’s have some Chrono Trigger music - this is “Creeping Through the Sewers” and I think it sums up what I mean about CT's music fitting the action and game world perfectly;

Excellent surf-rock style cover of Final Fantasy III's Boss Battle theme by Syuryougonjinsyu.

"The Sorrow of Parting" from Final Fantasy V, from the Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV /V /VI album.

Cover of “Ahead on Our Way” from Final Fantasy V.

"Slam Shuffle" from Final Fantasy VI.

"Off the Edge of Despair" from Final Fantasy VII.

"Lenna’s Theme" from Final Fantasy V. Just listen to that SNES bass, so good.

"Those Who Fight ~ Fanfare" from the Final Fantasy VII Chips chiptune remix album.