"Nostalgia" from Final Fantasy V, Super Famicom.

Orchestral version of “The Promised Land” (overworld theme) from Final Fantasy II.

"Ami" from the Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collection.

Nobuo Uematsu - Clash on the Big Bridge
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"Clash on the Big Bridge" || Final Fantasy V OSV

In fact, let’s have some Chrono Trigger music - this is “Creeping Through the Sewers” and I think it sums up what I mean about CT's music fitting the action and game world perfectly;

Excellent surf-rock style cover of Final Fantasy III's Boss Battle theme by Syuryougonjinsyu.

"The Sorrow of Parting" from Final Fantasy V, from the Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV /V /VI album.

Cover of “Ahead on Our Way” from Final Fantasy V.

"Slam Shuffle" from Final Fantasy VI.

"Off the Edge of Despair" from Final Fantasy VII.