"Theme of Simon" (Super Castlevania IV) from the Dracula Battle Perfect Selection II album.
God I love those Dracula Battle albums… 

Cover of Ramza’s Theme from Final Fantasy Tactics.


イース YsⅡ 「To make the End of Battle」


Powerglove - Omnishred (We’re gonna need a bigger sword)
Final Fantasy VII

Cover of Chrono Trigger's “Corridor of Time” from the Chrono Symphonic album.

Cover of Final Fantasy Tactics’ “Under The Stars” by Monotone-Infinity.

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I was poking through some files and I found this excellent cover of Castlevania's Vampire Killer, labelled only as vampire_killer00. Does anybody know who it's by?

A rockin’ cover of the Corneria and Asteroid Belt themes from Starfox by Entertainment System.

Excellent cover of "Under Her Control" from Final Fantasy VIII by Anti-Syne.

A really good cover of the Kakariko Village theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that only didn’t make it onto the “10 Zelda Covers” article because I already had a Kakariko theme on there.