An 8-bit version of “Dream Chaser” from F-Zero X (it’s from a Megaman fangame, hence why the video looks like it does.)

A NES-style cover of “Marble Gallery” from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Firelink Shrine (Commodore 64 Version) from Dark Souls.

What would Doom have sounded like had it been released on the Megadrive? Possibly kind of like this - which is to say awesome.

From yesterday’s Inspector Gadget & the Circus of Fear article, here’s the one redeeming feature of the game - the Inspector Gadget theme, recreated on the the Commodore 64.

Here’s a fantastic 8-bit cover of one of my all-time favourite videogame tracks - the main table theme from Devil’s Crush / Devil Crash.

Nighthunter, track 2, Commodore 64. You can’t beat a bit of Jeroen Tel.

Jet Set Willy theme (Atari 8-Bit version)

"Those Who Fight ~ Fanfare" from the Final Fantasy VII Chips chiptune remix album.

RoboCop 3 Commodore 64 theme by Jeroen Tel.