It’s The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

It’s The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

I’ve mentioned it before a couple of times, but Sega’s “Cyber Razor Cut” TV commercials promoting the Megadrive have really stuck with me over these many years. And of course they have, they featured Spudgun from Bottom as a barber who turns a man into a cyborg so he can play Megadrive games better, all while singing a terrible song. You’re not likely to forget something like that.
Videos here and here!

Classic Sega advertising from 1992 starring Steve “Spudgun from Bottom” O’Donnell.

An Indian TV commercial for the Sega Megadrive, and Sonic comes across as a threatening drug pusher (although in this case the drug is presumably BLAST PROCESSING.)

Japanese TV commercial for Final Fantasy VI.

Here’s a commercial for the Wii edition of Resident Evil 4. There’s a joke to be made somewhere comparing the horror of Leon’s predicament to the horrorific acting in this video.

TV commercial for Final Fantasy III (VI) starring an angry Moogle.

Here’s something a bit lovely - a TV commercial for my favourite Megadrive game ever, Shining Force II.

TV commerical for UFO Kamen Yakisoban. It makes about as much sense as you’d expect an advert for a game about noodle-based superhero to make.



Tekken 3DS Commercial

My sides hurt from laughing so much 

This commercial is epic. 

This really is pretty excellent.